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Quit Pot Forever, And Why You Should!

Quit pot forever and also any other drugs.

02:00 PM - February 23, 2016 by Justin Blake

A basic understanding of the negative health effects of marijuana will help you quit pot forever. People smoke pot to achieve that state of euphoria and altered consciousness peculiar to marijuana due to chemical compounds known such as THC, a cannabinoid. The narcotic properties of weed are highly addictive and pot smokers quickly discover that they need higher and higher amounts of marijuana to get that desired level of ecstasy and soon find that they are unable to function without the drug.

Reasons to Quit Pot Forever

There are several reasons to stop smoking marijuana. Smoking pot results in damaged lungs and even bronchitis in long term users. Further, pot use causes brain abnormalities and may result in memory loss and psychosis. Marijuana use has also been linked to sterility in men and low birth weight of babies born to mothers who smoke pot. Marijuana users experience a myriad of other problems such as job loss, poor interpersonal relationships and financial difficulties. If your pot use has gotten out of hand and you have started experiencing one or more of these negative effects, you owe it to yourself to stop the habit before it is too late.

Fortunately, many former addicts have proven that is possible to kick the habit and gone on to live healthy productive lives. If you are ready to get rid of your pot addiction, the following strategies will help you put together an effective recovery plan and assist you quit pot forever.

1. Make The Decision to Quit Pot Forever

The first step to recovery from marijuana addiction is admitting that you have a problem and that you need to stop. Remind yourself of everything that using pot has cost you in terms of health, finances and relationships. Ask yourself whether continuing with marijuana use is worth the price you pay in other areas of your life. Once you have realized that weed adds nothing positive to your life, it is time to make the decision to quit pot forever.

2. Quit Pot Forever and Change Your Lifestyle

This is where you put the pedal to the metal and act on your decision to quit pot forever. In this step, you get rid of all your pot and pot smoking devices, stop hanging out with your pot smoking buddies and avoid situations where you are likely to get high. You also need to come up with a plan to deal with your stress levels and other negative emotions that have triggered your marijuana use so far. In addition you need to incorporate more exercise and better nutrition into your daily life so that you have the energy to beat your addiction. Finally, enlist the help of friends and family in your battle against addiction. You should also consider joining a recovery group for support and advice about how to conquer your habit to stop pot.

3. Visualize the Finishing Line

You need to have a clear picture in your mind of what your life will look like when you have finally kicked the addiction. This includes seeing yourself with healthy finances, spending happy times with the people you love, and even seeing yourself reaching some major milestones such as graduating from college, getting promoted at work or even getting married. Visualizing your progress as you quit pot will help you to keep focused on your goals for sobriety even when the tough times hit.


Getting clean and overcoming addiction to marijuana is not easy. There will be times when you will wish you could just light up once to deal with the stresses in your life or want to experience marijuana high just one more time. However, by keeping your eye on the prize - that is complete sobriety and a drug free life, you should be able to triumph over your addiction, quit pot forever, and come out victorious in the end.

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