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Stop Pot Smoking Before It Stops You

Stop pot now before it stops you.

02:00 PM - February 23, 2016 by Justin Blake


The information provided here is to help you stop pot smoking before it stops you. Marijuana is the most popular recreational drug worldwide, with up to 224 million people aged over 18 consuming it on a regular basis. In the USA, over 25 million Americans smoke marijuana in a year, with 14 million of them doing so on a regular basis. Marijuana use is popular for several reasons including easy availability, endorsement by popular culture, narcotic properties and increasingly, because the medical community is touting its benefits for use in chronic diseases.

In spite of its perceived benefits, marijuana has a lot of detrimental effects on a person’s life. Marijuana use can result in ruined lungs and bronchitis, reduced IQ and memory loss, poor personal relationships and financial difficulties. Marijuana can be lethal if used in combination with other drugs and trigger heart disease or cause cancer. Marijuana cigarettes also contain higher toxins than regular cigarettes and can increase your chances of lung cancer.
If you want to live a quality life and avoid the adverse effects of pot use, there are several successful strategies that you can employ to stop pot smoking:

1. Free your mind

Changing your beliefs about the importance of weed in your life will give you the will power to quit the habit. Many pot addicts are held captive by the opinions they have about weed for example: weed is cool, weed has no side effects, everyone is doing it, I can stop pot whenever I want etc., once you get rid of the logical fallacies that fuel your marijuana habit, you will be on the way to overcoming your addiction successfully.

2. Create an Action Plan to Stop Pot

Once you have made the decision to stop smoking marijuana, you need to put a plan in place to beat your habit. Your action plan will include things like setting a stop date, getting rid of any unused weed and smoking paraphernalia, avoiding people and places that can tempt you to relapse and seeking medical help when necessary.

3. Get Support to Stop Pot

No one can beat their addiction on their own. There will be times when you will feel like giving up and lighting just one more marijuana cigarette or eating just one more pot cookie. Informing your friends and family of your struggle to stop pot will help you to stick to your goals and provide encouragement for the tough times. You should also consider joining a recovery group with other recovering marijuana users as an additional buffer to relapsing. Recovered addicts are an invaluable resource in your journey to recovery. They can provide tips on dealing with relapse triggers as well as inspire you to stick to the process once you can see that it is possible to overcome the habit and quit smoking pot.

4. Reward yourself for progress

Recovering from addiction is a long process. You will not achieve your goals overnight and it may be years before you are completely free of your habit. To keep yourself from falling off the wagon and returning to your addiction, it is important to reward yourself for the progress you make to stop pot. For instance, you could purchase a new dress or treat yourself to a nice dessert when you reach important milestones such as one month marijuana free, and etc.


Using marijuana is a sure way to ruin the quality of your life and have a miserable existence. By using the strategies outlined above, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing adverse health effects from marijuana use. With a solid action plan and a good support group, you can take your life back and stop pot before it stops you.

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