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Stop Smoking Marijuana Strategies for Addicts

Stop smoking marijuana before it destroys your lungs.

11:00 AM - February 23, 2016 by Justin Blake


Read this if you are addicted and need strategies on how to stop smoking marijuana. Marijuana refers to the shredded mixture of leaves, stems and flowers of Cannabis Sativa or the hemp plant. It is also called pot, herb, weed ganja and Mary Jane. Marijuana has been cultivated for centuries for its medicinal and hallucinogenic properties. Marijuana was introduced to America in the 17th century. Hemp, as it was referred to back then was grown as a cash crop alongside tobacco mainly as a source of fiber. Marijuana was used as an ingredient in some medicines in the subsequent centuries but it was not until the 1920s that it began to be used heavily as a recreational drug.

Marijuana was a legal drug for the better part of the early 20th century although some government health agencies did caution against heavy use due to its addictive nature. The drug was popular with students in the 1960s and was finally classified as a schedule drug (i.e. one that has high abuse levels) by the controlled substances Act of 1970. Nowadays, the drug is banned worldwide due to its psychotropic properties and addictive nature.

Marijuana Properties, Uses and Effects

Marijuana contains over 80 compounds known as cannabinoids. Among these is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive chemical that is euphoria causing and mind altering. People use marijuana in different ways. It can be smoked as cigarettes, through a bong or by using a vaporizer. Marijuana can be mixed with food or baked into cookies and cakes. It can have several effects on a person in the short term including: altered senses, impaired memory, poor coordination and a distorted sense of time. If consumed over a long time, it results in stunted brain development and a lowering of IQ. It’s important to stop smoking marijuana since its addictive nature also causes social and economic problems such as family discord, loss of jobs and may even result in criminal activity if a person is forced to steal in order to pay for his marijuana habit.

Strategies on How to Stop Smoking Marijuana

The following are some strategies you can employ to help you kick your weed smoking habit to the kerb:
1. Realize that you need to stop for your own physical, mental and spiritual health. Remind yourself of the adverse side effects of marijuana such as ruined lungs, a compromised immune system, mood fluctuations and strained interpersonal relationships. Ask yourself whether you are willing to continue paying the price in this area by continuing with your addiction.

2. Make a commitment to yourself to stop the habit. Bear in mind that you are not doing this for anybody but yourself. You owe it to yourself to make choices that allow you to live life to the fullest and making the decision to stop smoking marijuana is one of the best choices you will ever make.

3. Build a support Network: It is not an easy process to quit marijuana as you will be tempted from time to time to revert to the habit. However, if you enlist the support of friends and family, they will help to keep you accountable and assist you to get over the rough patches.

4. Join a support group: people who have been where you are and successfully managed to kick the habit can offer invaluable help with your situation. Whether it is an online community or a group that meets at the church hall weekly, support groups are an important resource to keep you committed to your marijuana free journey.

5. Get rid of the paraphernalia: throw away any lighters, bongs, vaporizers and unused marijuana in your house. Keeping them around only serves to tempt you to pick up the habit again.


Smoking marijuana is an unhealthy habit that affects you not only physically, but may also cause you to lose money, have strained relationships and may even result in death in extreme cases. By employing the strategies outlined above, and also in the article on ways to quit smoking weedyou will be on your way to stop smoking marijuana, kick the habit successfully and get back on track to living a normal, healthy life.

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